Temporary rental

What is the short stay dental?

The difference of the short stay rent with respect to that of habitual housing, is that it is governed by the will of the parties, hence the duration is that established in the contract, without a minimum term. This is an important flexibility for the guest.

This type of rental has a contract regulated in the Law of Urban Leases 29/1994, in its art. 3, sec. 2, but its qualification is of “use other than housing”, whose regulation includes Title III.

What advantages does the temporary rental have for the professional and the company?

1.- It will always be cheaper than what it would mean to rent a hotel room for the same period.

2.- They are apartments with everything you need to enter to live. They are furnished and with appliances; (fridge, washing machine, dryer, electric heater, microwave, oven, hob). Complete household items: (bed linen, towels, cutlery, crockery, glassware, kitchen utensils, etc).

3.- Guests do not have to worry about changes in ownership of supplies. They can even opt for an all-inclusive property.

4.- Companies and professionals can rent our apartments without being captive of a contract that requires them to rent it for a whole year.

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Temporary Rental Legislation

The seasonal contract is any one that falls on a habitable dwelling but does not have the character of “undefined” that the habitual housing contract possesses. Here are some important aspects to differentiate them:

The seasonal lease contract is regulated in article 3 of the Law on urban leases (LAU), legally it is not called “season contract”, but “contract for non-housing use” This is, the antithesis of “ housing lease contract ”, that is, falls on a dwelling but does not have the character of a“ permanent ”housing contract defined in article 3 LAU.

These seasonal contracts are subject to the following regulations:

-Titles I and IV of the Urban Leasing Law

 -Clauses of the lease agreement agreed by the parties

 -Title III Urban Leasing Law

 -Civil Code, supplementary

I share this very interesting article by expert Eduardo Fernández-Fígares on the subject for those who want more details.

How long is a temporary rental with B2BFlats?

The duration of the contracts we make is a minimum of 32 days and a maximum of 11 months. It could always be renewed for the periods you need to finish your mission in the city.

We ask the professional or the company to stay, the official document that indicates that there will be a season for a specific project or work.