How to rent with B2BFlats?


The rental procedure is fully personalized and attended by our professionals.

B2BFlats Requirements

The requisites required to rent the apartments and to guarantee perfect and desired stays to all tenants are the following:

The parts of the lease will be B2BFlats and the company that needs to locate its employees temporarily for work reasons.

Tenants act as employees of the companies they hire or freelancers who practice their profession for free.

The rental contract will be a minimum of 32 days and a maximum of 11 months.

The profile of the guests is that of professionals: executives, managers and qualified personnel who need the apartment for a season, which lasts your mission in Barcelona.

The deposit, which will be paid upon signing the contract, is 2 months. This will be deposited with the competent official agency and when the contract ends, it will be returned to the guest in full, provided that the apartment is in the same condition as when it was delivered.


Rent with B2BFlats in 4 easy steps

The first step is to request a pre-reservation with our form that you will find at the end of this page, by phone, or by email, indicating the basic data, such as the name of the company, the period of stay you require, the profile of the people who They will occupy the desired property and apartment.

Our customer service staff will contact you within a maximum period of 24 business hours to confirm the availability of the property, and prepare the necessary documentation for the lease.

Once the contracts and certification of compliance with the requirements of B2BFlats have been accepted, the contractual documents electronically signed by the company and B2BFlats will be sent, as well as the documents that certify the identity of the people who will occupy the apartment. The payment of the deposit of 2 months of rent, is made together with the signing of the lease. The lease will be considered confirmed after the signing of the contract and the payment of the first month, plus the deposit.

On the day set in the contract, the people designated by the company will be received by our reception staff, delivering the keys, presenting the property, and the inventory reflected in the signed contract will also be checked.

Pre-Reservation Request Form

Previous data
Hi there! Tell us from what date to what date you will need the apartment. If you want the whole apartment or a room and how many people are you.