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Moving to Barcelona for a while? Planning to visit Madrid for a few days? You’re on the right website.

How to rent

On B2BFLATS, renting is easy, fast and we don’t charge any commission as we are the owners.

We have our own legal department to formalize the contract. Marian, the account manager, is in charge of all the paperwork as well as the procedures and management with the administration such as the deposit of the security deposit or others.

The duration of the contracts we make is a minimum of 32 days and a maximum of 11 months. It could always be renewed for the periods you need to finish your assignment in the city.

We request the professional or the company that is going to host, the official document that indicates the period of time in which they will develop a specific project or work.


The difference betweenthe short-term temporary rental with respect to the habitual residence is that it is governed by the will of the parties, hence the duration is that established in the contract, without there being a minimum term. This is an important flexibility for the guest.

This type of rental has a contract regulated in the Urban Leasing Law 29/1994, in its art. 3, para. 2, but its qualification is "use other than housing", whose regulation contemplates Title III.

The seasonal contract is all that falls on a habitable home but that does not have the "indefinite" character that the habitual residence contract has. Here are some important aspects to differentiate them:

The seasonal lease contract is regulated in article 3 of the Urban Leasing Law (LAU), legally it is not called a "seasonal contract", but a "contract for use other than housing". It is the antithesis of " housing lease contract", that is, it falls on a dwelling but does not have the character of a "permanent" housing contract defined in article 3 LAU.

These seasonal contracts are subject to the following regulations:

  • Titles I and IV of the Urban Leasing Law

  • Clauses of the lease agreed by the parties

  • Title III Urban Leasing Law

  • Civil Code, on a supplementary basis

I share this very interesting article by the expert Eduardo Fernández-Fígares on the subject for those who want more details.


The parties to the lease will be the owner and the company that needs to locate its employees temporarily for work reasons.

We apply everything necessary according to the law and we advise you on the tax benefits to which you can opt.

We will need you to send us in writing the start day and the end day of the work/project to be carried out by your professionals.

We will always be in contact if any legal questions arise.

The process to reserve is very simple, it is done in the four steps that we specify at the end of this page.

Great! How little you have left to make the leap into your professional life.

At the university or at the place where you are going to do your internship, you must request a piece of paper indicating the day you start and the day you finish. We need that official document from your institution to make the contract.

The process to reserve is very simple, it is done in the four steps that we specify at the end of this page.

The duration of the contracts we make is aminimum of 32 days and a maximum of 11 months.

We are not tourist apartments, but we work for business people, so tranquility is breathed in our building.

Tourist and temporaryapartments (per days and per months)


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What Advantages does temporary rental have for business people and companies?

It will always be cheaper than renting a hotel room for the same period.

These apartments are equipped with everything you need to move into. Furnished and with all the necessary appliances: fridge, washing machine, dryer, electric heater, microwave, oven and hob. Complete household items: bed linen, towels, cutlery, crockery, glassware and kitchen utensils.

Companies and business people will be able to rent our apartments without being captive of a contract that obliges them to rent it for a whole year.

easy steps to
formalize your reservation

1. Request a pre-booking

Request a pre-booking through our form or by sending us an email to info@b2bflats.com. You must send us the necessary pre-booking documentation according to your profile as well as the basic data: the name of the company, period of stay, the profile of the people who will occupy the property and the desired apartment.

2. Contact confirmation

The customer service department will contact you within a maximum period of 24 business hours to confirm the availability of the property, and prepare the necessary documentation for the lease.

3. Lease of property

We check in 24 hours that all the documentation is correct. The contract is sent and after its signature by both parties and the payment of the money for the month and the deposit, the keys will be delivered the day you have stayed.

4. Acces to the property

On the day the lease begins, the responsible staff or Sila will receive the tenants to hand them the keys and do an inventory count, so that both parties can verify that everything is as agreed.


Without this documentation we will not start the pre-booking process.

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