Who are we?

“Choose a job you love
and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Our goal is to help you feel
like at home.

B2BFLATS is a short- and medium-term rental concept that arises with the aim of providing high-quality apartments.

That's why we put our hearts into everything we do. We dress and adapt spaces for people like you, taking care of even the smallest detail, to make life easier and simpler.

Our apartments are located at strategic points in the city and equipped with everything you need, furnished and decorated with great care to make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Our values that differentiate us from the rest

1. Familiarity

We work on relationships with our clients and we care about meeting their needs.

2. Excellence

At B2B we always seek to offer the highest possible quality in everything we do.

3. Design

All our properties follow style and design guides. Aesthetics is a fundamental part of our essence.

4. Innovative

At B2BFLATS we stand for technology, design and people.


“Lo único imposible es aquello que no intentas”


Mission and vision

Founder/ Business Development

“Siempre disponible 24/7”


Perseverance and tenacity

Account manager

“La casa debe de ser el estuche de la vida, la máquina de la felicidad”



Interior architect

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